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ZEAL Optics Welcomes Forrest Shearer To The Team

Shared By: Zeal Optics | December 01, 2014

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ZEAL Optics Welcomes Forrest Shearer To The Team
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Forrest Shearer grew up a long way from the mountains that today dominate his life. A product of a Southern California upbringing, Forrest was exposed to the golden era of action sports. Soaking up the legacy of the legends that spawned from his backyard, motivating him to the playgrounds of his ocean backyard and then further afield to the call of the mountains. The ShearerĂ¢??s are a family of thinkers and doers and Forrest was instilled with the desire to change the world through his actions. Silent moments on mountains that speak volumes through photos and videos. This is his life. A passionate personality within the sport, Forrest has defined himself as a man of true, steadfast beliefs whose actions speak volumes and efforts to preserve his pastimes will last for generations.

Here's a look at Forrest's full part from Absinthe Films.