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ZEAL Optics Presents: Skiers Vs Snowboarders

Shared By: Zeal Optics | October 21, 2014

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ZEAL Optics Presents: Skiers Vs Snowboarders
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The age old battle was finally put to the test and to rest on October 16, 2014 as ZEAL Optics pitted skiers against snowboarders in a night for the ages.

The night featured premieres of Super Proof's "The Recruitment", starring Mike Henitiuk, and Absinthe Films' "Heavy Mental", starring Austen Sweetin.

In addition to the films, we enlisted the CU Snowboard Team and CU Freestyle Ski Team, as well as Freeskier Magazine and Snowboard Mag to dual it out in sumo suits on stage! For the final round, ZEAL's Mike Henitiuk and Austen Sweetin got in the ring, breaking the tie, with snowboarders winning the night with two out of three bouts.

With live music by DJ Ginger Perry, and an MC battle between ZEAL snowboarder Pat Milbery and skier Rob Aseltine, the vibe was rocking and good times were had as a crowd of over 500 came together and took advantage of a huge raffle with all proceeds going directly to Protect Our Winters! All in all an amazing night!