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#WeAreFrameless World Tour | Keystone

Shared By: Dragon | December 10, 2014

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#WeAreFrameless World Tour | Keystone
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After touching back down in the US the crew jumped in the van and made their way out to the rocky mountain state for the second stop of the #WeAreFrameless Tour. Keystone Resort not only boasts a snow pack that is reminiscent of mid winter conditions but a park that is loaded with creative lines and unique features. Sit back and enjoy as the crew takes to the streets, the mountains and everything in between! Over the course of the next month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will travel from Austria to Oregon with four stops and five edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the most recent Tour action! Riders: Danny Davis Blake Paul Spencer Schubert Tommy Gesme Mark Wilson Dillon Ojo Jordan Small Filmed By: Colton Feldman Harry Hagan Kyle Martin Edited By: Colton Feldman Huge Thanks To: Keystone Resort Adam Kisiel Harry Hagan Déja Vu Mary Walsh The Gerards Brad Saffin Rick Irons Justin Meyer Keystone Park Staff