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#WeAreFrameless Tour 2015 | Oregon

Shared By: Dragon | December 29, 2015

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#WeAreFrameless Tour 2015 | Oregon
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The third and final stop of the #WeAreFrameless Tour brings us to our old stomping grounds at Mt. Bachelor. While much of the U.S. was waiting for Santa to bring Christmas pow, Oregon stacked up the deep stuff and the Mocha Boys went wild. In classic Frameless style, the crew went out with a bang. Leaving with smiles on their faces and memories they will never forget. So sit back, break out your snorkels and get ready for the Grand Finalé at Stop #3 in Oregon. Over the course of this last month the #WeAreFrameless Tour traveled from Utah to the Northwest with three stops and four edits along the way. Check out our Vimeo feed to get caught up on all this year's tour action and be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on all things Dragon! Riders: Blake Paul Spencer Schubert Tommy Gesme Mark Wilson Dillon Ojo Kyle Martin Max Warbington Filmed By: Colton Feldman Rodrick AF Snipe Mancampmartin Edited By: Colton Feldman Huge Thanks To: Mt. Bachelor Stirling Cobb Todd Wells Josh Dirksen Tyler Eklund Jake Price Mary Walsh Mike Yoshida Pat Bridges Snowboarder Mag