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VonZipper: Support WildLife

Shared By: VonZipper | March 01, 2017

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VonZipper: Support WildLife
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Support WildLife is our call-to-the-wild so to speak. We have made an effort to let those who live outside the lines know that we are here for them. We support their unique and sometimes bad decisions and we applaud their will to be weird. In celebration with aforementioned ethos, we would like to present some of those creative, and at times questionable moments featuring Halldor Helgason, Parker Coffin, Josh Grant, John Jackson, Ian Crane, Tyler Bereman, Red and Brendan Gerard, Tanner Rozunko, Hana Beaman, Dylan Goodale, Darryn Durham and more... Musical support from The Icarus Line - "Rat's Ass"