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VonZipper Welcomes Halldor Helgason In The Feenom N.L.S.

Shared By: VonZipper | February 02, 2015

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VonZipper Welcomes Halldor Helgason In The Feenom N.L.S.
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Irvine, CA, January 30, 2015 â?? Halldor Helgason never played varsity basketball. He also never won Homecoming King. But as the snowboarding world knows, he is the one getting the last laugh, which is exactly why VonZipper is proud to welcome him to the team.

With big wins like X Games Big Air Gold and the 2014 Transworld Snowboardingâ??s Readers Choice Rider of the Year, itâ??s no wonder why VZ and the snowboard community have awarded him with the â??Most Likely to Succeedâ? superlative. So while all the other jocks from high school are still rocking their letterman jackets, Halldor will be walking through the halls with a cheerleader on each arm and a smile on his face.

â??Yah, itâ??s cool man,â? exclaims foreign exchange student Halldor Helgason.

"We definitely feel that Halldor has always been a star student, even if heâ??s had a few unexcused absences. Just like VonZipper, he has always stood up for the Geeks and Freaks,â? says VZ Winter Activities teacher Stephen Duke.

Donâ??t judge a book by its cover and keep an eye on Halldor and the rest of the VonZipper snow team, because they will prove to be the coolest kids from class. Be sure to check out Halldorâ??s yearbook photo at: