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Volcom's True To This Chapter 2 Teaser The Cushiony Dimension

Shared By: Volcom | September 25, 2014

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Volcom's True To This   Chapter 2 Teaser   The Cushiony Dimension
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Premiering Monday, September 29th, 6:00am PDT at

Take a journey through the unparalleled mental space imagined by some of Volcomâ??s most creative visionaries. In Chapter 2 of Volcomâ??s True To This, we explore the magical state of mind that lures us in and keeps us crawling back for more. This video transcendence features an exclusive live performance of Kurt Vile's "Gold Tone" and takes a deep dive into his higher consciousness. It's here that we also explore the meditative states of artists Travis Millard and Gemma Oâ??Brien and careen into the minds of Volcom riders Dane Burman, Bryan Iguchi and Ryan Burch as they explore the perfection of the cushiony dimension. Volcom was founded on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within oneâ??s self through the internal and external journeys that board-sports, music, art and film provide. We call these finite moments of enlightenment... â??Spiritual Intoxication

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