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Volcom Stone's WITP European Tour 2013 | FINLAND | 27 July

Shared By: Volcom | August 02, 2013

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Volcom Stone's WITP European Tour 2013 | FINLAND | 27 July
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WITP Helsinki stop was a blast! Again this year weather and skate Gods were on Finland's side and the competition day kicked off with perfect blue bird skies. The unsustainable weather is always a challenge when it comes to outdoor skate contests in Helsinki. The heat was definitely on in the air and out on the skate course. The day turned out to be warm, fun and chilled.
14 and under division had two heats, 15 and over division three heats and most contestants and open division had two heats. The level of skating was really good and the bar has risen since the past years. A lot of contestants who been competing in the 14 and under division before had grown up and now participated the 15 and over division. There were almost 90 contestants in total and at least a double as much of the audience enjoying sun, free food, free drinks and great skateboarding.
The competition obstacles were a bump, a ditch and a picnic table. The youngest competitors were a little shy to use the picnic table and the ditch but performed outstanding tricks from the bump. Everyone was super encouraging to each other and the vibe was really good. The kiddo's were landing hard tricks and giving it to the audience with a rock star style. Eniz was really stoked about the level of skating in the 14 and under division and kids were delivering the good to show off. 15 and over division was showing really versatile skating and solidly landing tricks to all of the obstacles. The open division jam was off the hook and competition was very tight. The winner and the second scored only 0,5 points difference.

We were lucky to have true heroes judging the contest this year. Eniz Fazliov, Eero Ettala and Ronny Turpeinen were the outstanding three to hand out the points for the contestants. Everyone was super stoked to perform their tricks to this threesome and especially the lil' kids were really pushing it to show off their best action for Eniz, Eero and Ronny.
The audience was enjoying the awesome weather and people were stoked to get some drinks, BBQ and free pizza from a special delivery pizza van. A lot of the kids got Eniz sign his Volcom posters and the freebie goodies were a success as always. The pictures and the video will tell the whole story!
Big thanks to all the contestants and everyone who took part to this event! Special thanks to our heroic judges Eniz, Eero and Ronny, as well as our emcees Jeppe and Petteri for keeping the vibe on and entertaining the crowd with good music and fun stories. Lots of love to Volcom for the support and all the other sponsors for participating!

Wild In The Parks 2013 Results:

14 and under:

1. Elias Kultalahti
2. Markus Sihtola
3. Luca Jalonen
4. Eetu Toropainen
5. Samu Sundell

15 and over:

1. Briston Basola
2. Juuso Muhonen
3. Viljami Koskipää
4. Jaki Pirtilä
5. Miikka Huotari


1. Anttoni Lavikka
2. Miikka Virtanen
3. Eero Timonen
4. Tommi Rokolampi
5. Niko Ojanen

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