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Trick Tip Tour 2012 3 Scuol Switzerland

Shared By: Elan | February 14, 2012

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Trick Tip Tour 2012 3 Scuol Switzerland
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Just like everywhere else in the Alps, the Siberian cold made life difficult for the riders in the Snowpark Scuol. “Challenge accepted!” said the riders and still met up in the park for the third Elan Snowboards Trick Tip Tourstop. Small wonder, because the shredheads didn’t only get the opportunity to test the newest Elan snowboard equipment, but also to get coached by the Elan pros and thus learn the one or other new trick. As it turned out, the locals’ riding levels were so high, they were just shredding along with the pros. The equipment was massively popular and was put to the test on the numerous kickers, rails and boxes. The pros had their fun, too, as Dejan Hodzic recalls: “The temperatures were as low as -20 degrees, which did have an effect on us, but we overcame that with a few extra layers of clothing. The park crew was extra friendly helped us out with everything and gave us shelter in their park hut when the cold was getting too much to bear. We were all excited about the park and the resort and hope to come back to Scuol again soon!”

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