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Trevor Jacob Is Crazy And He Just Made The US Olympic Team

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | January 23, 2014

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Trevor Jacob Is Crazy And He Just Made The US Olympic Team
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Twelve years ago Trevor Jacob was a two foot tall nerd with a huge head who idolized Shane Flood. Once Flood found out about this he made Trevor's life hell and would push this eight year old off of Mammoth's Main Park deck rail daily. Since then Trevor has grown to become a much taller and the most badass nerd SNOWBOARDER has ever seen. No longer satisfied with the label halfpipe prodigy Trevor has taken his stunts to new heights. Whether he is hopping trains or jumping over them, doing double backs on a skateboard, manning up to the mega ramp as a part of the Nitro Circus entourage, flipping snowmobiles, jumping off of chairlifts, jumping onto chairlifts, setting speed records or qualifying for the Olympics in boardercross this OG member of the Village Crips keeps the challenges coming and is always entertaining. Oh and his dad invented the Ski Tote! Here SNOWBOARDER catches up with Trevor to talk about Shaun palmer, Pastranaland and making the US Olympic Boardercross Team.