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The O'Neill Experience Day 4 Max Parrot Takes Silver In Slopstyle

Shared By: O'Neill | January 27, 2013

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The O'Neill Experience   Day 4   Max Parrot Takes Silver In Slopstyle
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All of Aspen is talking about the O'Neill Experience at X Games 2013! Kicking things off on Saturday, X Games rookie snowboarder Max Parrot took silver with the first-ever backside triple cork in Slopestyle history. The X Games medal comes on the heels of Parrow's first-place finish at the O'Neill Evolution last week in Davos, Switzerland. O'Neill teammates Celia Miller and gold medalist David Wise were in attendance to cheer on Max during the competition, while Seb Toots and Aspen Spora took in a busy day at Buttermilk, with autograph sessions, photoshoots and media interviews. Check out the entire collection of O'Neill Experience videos and photos from X Games Aspen at, Facebook, Twitter (@ONeillNAmerSNOW) and Instagram (@oneill_experience). O'Neill is hosting photos competitions on social media during X Games to win merchandise, including copies of Jeremy Jones' 'Further' and a Seb Toots signature jacket from the 2012-13 collection.