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The Marana Bloodline Is Complete (featuring Ryan Sheckler)

Shared By: Etnies | July 14, 2014

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The Marana Bloodline Is Complete (featuring Ryan Sheckler)
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The Marana Bloodline has come alive. The third and final Blood type (E+) has joined the family that has a prognosis for progression.
See it here -

Durability, high performance, lightweight, and comfort:
The anatomy of the Marana Bloodline.

Type E+: Lightweight with a rare genetic sequence
specialized for progression.
Type Og: Foundation of the Bloodline.
Durable and resistant to infection and wear.
Type V+: Best in board feel & classic comfort with
a resilient hunger for the streets.

With Ryan Sheckler, David Reyes & Aidan Campbell.

Music by: The Futures League, 'Too Many Lies' from Don't Be a Drag - EP