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The Get Together: Kingston Soundsystem (exposure)

Shared By: The House of Marley | July 02, 2014

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The Get Together: Kingston Soundsystem (exposure)
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Music Connects.
The Get Together presented by House of Marley
Watch the entire experience at:

Meet House of Marley's new portable bluetooth speaker:
The Get Together.
Four acclaimed motion studios each created a video about the Get Together speaker system. We centered on two locations: Kingston, Jamaica and New York City, and shot two videos in each city. The idea was simple: How one speaker can bring everything together - friends, cities, even style eras.

Rocksteady & Freestyle. New Jack & Riddim. Mods & Rockers.
Music connects us all.

Exposure Production Credits:

Director: Wonford St.James
DP: Irwin Matutina
Editor: Clark Cramer
Producer: Michelle Serieux