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Superpark 20 At Mammoth Mountain Presented By Nexen Tire USA Day 2

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | April 29, 2016

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Superpark 20 At Mammoth Mountain Presented By Nexen Tire USA   Day 2
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The weather opened up, the action kicked off. Superpark 20 is officially underway at Mammoth Mountain, presented by Nexen Tire USA in conjunction with Oakley. On the second day, the crew of 400+ snowboarders started tackling the behemoth snow creations built by Bear Mountain, Seven Springs, Boreal, and Mammoth Unbound, but while the above video showcases some of the first hits in the SP20 park, there's no warm ups here. Jaeger Bailey, Dylan Alito, Nik Baden, Shaun Murphy, Zach Normandin, Judd Henkes, Chas Guldemond, Brandon Davis, Chris Corning, Kyle Mack, Danimals, Erik Leon, Harrison Gordon and his dad, David Gordon, Lucas Magoon, Gabe Ferguson, Sebbe De Buck, and Halldor Helgason were throwing down. Stay tuned to #Superpark20 for more each day and check back to for photo and video updates.