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Sunday In The Park 12/13 Episode 10

Shared By: Bear Mountain | March 11, 2013

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Alaska ||  By Land And Sea
Chris Fredette Charges Park
Prospecting for Powder
Sunday In The Park 12/13 Episode 10
Spring Break at Mt. Bachelor
CJ Hobgood - Froth Cam
Dane Reynolds - Froth Cam
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Featuring Dylan Alito, Dina Treland, Erik Leon, Matt Heneghan, Chris Larson, Ben Bogart, Brendan Gerard, Ben Rice, Castro, Big Mike, Brendon Hupp, Eirik Nesse, Richie Conklin, Lucas Oeullette, Jeff Keenan, and Sean Genovese.
Shot by Adam "BEEF" Ruzzamenti, Lee Stockwell, and Mark Thalman.
Edit by Adam "BEEF" Ruzzamenti
Intro Graphic by Lee Stockwell