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Staying Warm And Dry Matters

Shared By: Burton | October 29, 2013

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Staying Warm And Dry Matters
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The phrase "Stay Warm Stay Dry" is pretty catchy and all, and when you think about itâ??it just makes sense. Riders like Mark Sollors, Kimmy Fasani, Kelly Clark, and Mikey Rencz don't really have the option to head to the lodge when the weather's bad, so staying warm and dry is important to them. Whether Kelly is on a course-hold at the top of the pipe waiting for a basketball overtime to end, or Mark is deep in the Whistler backcountry and some weather rolls in, staying warm and dry is one of the most important things. It is also the last thing they should be having to think about.

While you might not be riding in the same extreme conditions as some of the Burton team, staying warm and dry is no less important. Burton offers climate-controlled outerwear powered by the warmth of 3Mâ?¢ Thinsulateâ?¢ insulation and the waterproof performance of DRYRIDE. Hear from the riders about times when staying warm and dry was critical to their day, then shop our whole line of outerwear.