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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine Episode 6: October 2013

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | November 04, 2013

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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine   Episode 6: October 2013
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October's episode is out and it's chock full of new snowboarding. We've got Red Gerard riding opening day at Keystone; Stale Sandbech and the Rome crew shredding Stubai, Austria; Dillon Ojo and friends riding Killington; and all kinds of early action from the Bone Zone. Ted Borland is this month's FYI and there is a check in from the Vans Snow 20th Anniversary Party in NYC featuring Jamie Lynn. This episode has all this and so much more so be sure to check it all out. 0:00 - Snowboarding Montage 2:30 - Social Media: Vans 20th Anniversary in NYC 5:15 - Higher Learning: Backside 180s with Dylan Thompson 6:19 - Four Wheel Drive: Scott Stevens and Friends 7:01 - Heat Sheet: Downtown Throwdown Minneapolis 8:34 - Brick and Mortar: Milo SLC 10:33 - Lost and Found: 411 Issue 4 A.O.D. 12:10 - Brand Identity: Cobra Dogs 14:07 - Coming Soon: Behind the Scenes of the Burton Peace Park 14:55 - FYI: Ted Borland 17:00 - Snowboarding Montage