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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine Episode 4: Mt. Hood Early August

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | August 22, 2013

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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine   Episode 4: Mt. Hood Early August
Pierre-Louis Costes & Alexandra Rinder - Antofagasta
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Welcome to Episode #4 of SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine, a bi-monthly digital digest. Our fourth Video Magazine finishes up the Summer Camp season at Mt. Hood, OR. This edit includes a tag team FYI on Burton "Knowbuddys" Brady Lem and Tommy Gesme, Lucas Magoon giving an eloquent shoutout, Gigi Rüf taking the Brand Identity reigns so he can give us the scoop on his company Slash, a Social Media exposé on the "Think Thank Is Brain Dead And Having a Heart Attack" world premiere, Alaska's legendary Borderline Summer Camp getting dusted off in our Lost & Found, and Spencer Schubert doing a very advanced Higher Learning on Cab 270s. Lastly, for those craving carnage, we have a summer's worth of slams stacked for our Feel The Pain segment. Episode #4 also features the riding of Chris Bradshaw, Scott Stevens, Danny Davis, Jake Kuzyk, Red Gerard, Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Ozzy Henning, Dylan Thompson, Luke Mitrani, Austin Smith, Andrew Brewer, Jaeger Bailey, Ben Bildoeau and more. By more, we mean Preston Strout, Connor Manning and Big Mike Gonsalves.