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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine Episode 12: April 2014

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | April 28, 2014

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SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine   Episode 12: April 2014
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Prepare to get flexed on. The April 2014 edition of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine is one for the books. The end of winter was packed with all sorts of next level shredding, from The Launch at Seven Springs, to Ms. Superpark at Mammoth Mountain, and everywhere in between from riders like Spencer Schubert, Frank April, LP Dorval, Scotty Vine, Garrett Warnick, Blake Paul, and more. Head to Mammoth Mountain for a Heat Sheet at the Volcom PBRJ Global Championships and a Social Media on Grenade Games 10 with Danny Kass and The Dingo. Check out the teaser for Pat Moore's two year movie project with Volcom, "Mr. Plant". Get to know Salt Lake shredder, Ben Bilodeau in this month's FYI. Take a tour of Satellite Boardshop in Boulder, Colorado with co-ownder Raul Pinto and follow along as Elena Hight takes pristine powder laps in the final episode of "Hight Hopes". It's all in SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine - Episode 12: April 2014, so clear out the next twenty minutes, press play, and enjoy this month in snowboarding. 0:01 - Opening montage 2:49 - Social Media: Grenade Games 10 4:31 - "Mr. Plant" teaser 6:25 - FYI: Ben Bilodeau 8:40 - Hight Hopes - Chapter 5: Essence 10:45 - Scotty Vine montage 11:17 - Brick and Mortar: Satellite Boardshop 14:30 - Ms. Superpark 15:22 - The Launch 16:02 - Heat Sheet: Volcom PBRJ Global Championships 17:36 - Closing montage