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Signal 6 A Brand New Board Plus Swag

Shared By: Signal Snowboards | April 04, 2014

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Signal 6  A Brand New Board Plus Swag
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Ever find yourself wishing for a longer snow season? We know how you feel. And while we still haven't figured out a way to control weather patterns, we have come up with a way to bring you six months with Signal.
Join SIGNAL 6 now and you'll begin receiving monthly packages filled with all sorts of goodies - sure to scratch that itch during the summer months. Every month for six months another box will arrive at your door filled with soft goods, cds, stickers and other specialty items from Signal and friends. The final box will arrive just in time for the snow to fall and that box will contain a brand new 14.15 Signal board of your choice*.
This is a perfect way for Signal fans to beat the lines, avoid shipping costs and get the Signal they want delivered to their door. It also makes a great gift! Sign-up is limited, so join now!
Sign up between May 15th- April 15th, 2014. You'll be contacted by a Signal representative to confirm your enrollment and help you pick your board.
After that, you sit back and wait. Beginning in mid-May, boxes will start arriving to your door. And when October comes, the sixth delivery will be your board.
SIGNAL 6 costs only 6 payments of $99.00 USD. Not only is this the easiest way to make a snowboard purchase - you get so much more!
Remember, sign-up is limited so join now!