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Scotty Lago & Tim Humphreys Tame The Beast

Shared By: Tim Humphreys | January 21, 2014

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Scotty Lago & Tim Humphreys Tame The Beast
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2014 Burton European Open of Snowboarding: MINI Feature
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Ever seen or heard of a Kamoshika? Neither had we. What is it? No one knows for certain. It draws the image of a furry Antelgoatbearpig, but is fierce as a dolphin in sheep's clothing. It's mighty horns are said to be sharper than Rambo's knife! An old wives tale recounts a great battle in which The Beast disarmed his foes by stabbing through their Grenades, rendering them useless. It can ram 10 men out of their boots at the same time, and is so fast that no man has ever caught one on foot. No one has ever stared the wild Kamoshika in it's dark, unhallowed eyes, and lived to tell the tale.