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Robin Van Gyn's 2013 Winter Adventures

Shared By: Roxy | October 30, 2013

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Robin Van Gyn's 2013 Winter Adventures
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Most of us can only dream of gliding down untracked peaks in Alaska and launching off of jumps into fresh powder, but for Robin Van Gyn this is her everyday reality. In fact, most days when Robin clocks into work she sees more wildlife than humans. And when she is out there in the steep and deep, she stays warm and dry in our most technically innovative product to date, the new Roxy Gore-Tex collection. See Robin in action now, and be inspired to take your own epic snow adventure this winter. #ROXYsnow #DAREYOURSELF

Filmed in British Columbia backcountry & Alaska

Robin Van Gyn

Artist:Birds & Batteries
Track: Golden Age of dreams (Instrumental)