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REEF Holiday 2014

Shared By: Reef | October 10, 2014

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REEF Holiday 2014
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Mornings are chilly. Campfire chilly. Hot thermos of coffee chilly. Late sunrises. North swells. But itâ??s a new day, a new season to get your feet on a new path.

Weâ??re ready for this new season with offerings like the Reef Outhaul and Ridge - clean, simple styling and comfort for life on the road. And of course timeless pieces for mid-latitude moods from our Shelter Supply collection. For the ladies, itâ??s all about the mattress-soft quilted foambeds of the Reef Mayuta and Summer TX. This is when things open up, when we see each new corner of the winding coastal road in a new light.

Song: Rockets and Jets. Artist: Hospitality