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Pump Station 3 Terrain Park, Alyeska Resort

Shared By: Alyeska Resort | February 21, 2013

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Pump Station 3 Terrain Park, Alyeska Resort
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Alyeska Park crew has been working hard this winter creating an awesome park. This year we are going for a little more street style, little more diversity, so everyone can use the features in the ump station 3 terrain park. From Beginners to experts, all the features are built to just have fun and progress.

Caleb Kinnear:
Ryan Roberts:
Brise Lively
Shaun Poirot
Brendon Anderson
Tony Burts
Loghan Audett

Cameras used for this shoot:

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Music: Alkota- Hood Wings

Film/Edit: JGS Concepts

Alyeska Resort:


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