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Pozi Pozi Teaser

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | August 16, 2015

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Pozi Pozi Teaser
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Pozi Pozi, the first teaser ever made for an imaginary film. Follow @_pozipozi_ for weekly Instagram edits. Created and edited by Gus Engle and Esthera Preda featuring the redheaded stepchildren of snowboarding. A safety net for the shunned. ''An absolute tour de force'' -Hupp ''Michilot and Patterson's on screen chemistry is electrifying'' -Micheal Bay ''Seeing this film is what I imagine it would feel like taking your first breath of air after living a thousand years underwater. In an underwater world where every time you would be about to expire from lack of oxygen, a puffer fish would blow air back into your lungs. During the night, many phosphorescent fish would swim about, equal parts terror and beauty, not unlike the film'' -Jacques Cousteau Featured in the teaser: Gus Engle, Jonas Michilot, Danyale Patterson. @_pozipozi_ Videography: Esthera Preda / @esteepreda Music: Summer Weaponry /