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Parker Jacket

Shared By: Airblaster | July 15, 2012

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Travis Parker is awesome. He’s a pure creative force, whether his brush is a snowboard, an actual watercolor brush, or in this case… a design pencil. Travis designed his Parker Jacket around the famous Airblaster Parka jacket fit, with plenty of length in the arms and body. The design is kept clean and functional, so you can stay warm and dry and let your snowboarding do the talking. Or you can paint a picture, place it in the chest window, and let that do the talking! New for 12/13 is a rear storage pocket at the back body, to hold your art supplies or lunch. Other updates: Travis drew a brand new Airpill for the 12/13 model, plus added a color-blocked option to keep things fresh. The result? A 20K waterproof jacket designed by a guy who really knows how to snowboard and have fun.