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Oakley Snowboarding Team Video

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | November 22, 2013

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Oakley Snowboarding Team Video
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While Oakley's abilities when it comes to eyewear have always been clear to see, their snowboarding team has the kind of transparent talent that stands out regardless of each rider's preferred terrain. Whether JP Walker and Eiki Helgason are dropping into handrails, Danny Kass and Nicolas Muller are logging powder laps, or Jamie Anderson, Mark McMorris, Seb Toots, Shaun White, and Stale Sandbech are stacking spins and podium finishes, you don't need rose-colored glasses to see that the names on Oakley's snowboarding roster represent some of the best riders in the world. Check out this video featuring Oakley's team of legendary and soon-to-be legendary snowboarders and enjoy following this crew as they tackle all terrain this season.