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Nothing To Prove Full Part: Bjorn Leines

Shared By: Celtek | October 02, 2014

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Nothing To Prove   Full Part: Bjorn Leines
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Bjorn Leines has been filming video parts for years and continues to be a leader in the snowboard industry. His full part from Nothing to Prove is a testament to the determination it takes when you get faced with a horrific mid-season injury. Bjorn's snaps both arms in 1 crash but bounces back with the skills and power of a ninja. This part features cameos for Chris Grenier, Randy "Killer" Vanurden and Krister Ralles. With the movie filmed in the Midwest, USA (Minnesota) and Utah you are sure to see lots of hammer rail and powder footage.
Filmed by: Leland McNamara, Sam Fenton, Derek Combs, Mike Thienes, Skylar Nielson, Ian Rigby, Tyler Malay, Dan Tyler, Mark Dangler, John Stark