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Nothing To Prove Full Movie Part 1

Shared By: Celtek | September 11, 2014

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Nothing To Prove   Full Movie   Part 1
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Nothing to Prove "The Midwest, USA" is the first full section of the movie. Instead of Rider parts you will see the CELTEK team and their friends riding together in multiple locations in the Midwest. MN is a place that breeds hungry up-coming riders and they will show you just how stoked on riding anything. The JibFarm is a place that Celtek founders Erik and Bjorn Leines have created out of junk, pipes and other machinery. The whole crew met up and was able to shred the JibFarm. Next the riders go find a 5 story roof gap and proceed to bag tricks over it. A Backside 180 from Dan Brisse made it into his X-Games Real Snow part. Bjorn ends up breaking both wrists in one crash and there is also one of the heaviest traditional crash sections. Finally the guys pull it together, shred some Midwest resort rope tows and hit some more hammers in the streets.

Riders: Bjorn Leines, Aaron Biittner, Chris Grenier, Krister Ralles, Mark â??Deadlungâ? Edlund,
Riley Nickerson, Lucas Magoon, Ben Bilodeau, Brandon â??Buff Mooseâ? Hammid, Drew
Poganski, Sam Taxwood, Bode Merrill, Griffen Siebert, Randy â??Killerâ? Vannurden, Shane
Ruprecht, Kazu Kokubo, Ted Borland, Johnny Lazzareschi, Jeremy Jensen, Zac Marben,
Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Cale Zima, Erik Leines, Dan Brisse

Cinematographers: Leland McNamara, Mike Thienes, Pat Fenelon, Sam Fenton, Derek
Combs, Dan Tyler