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Mt.Baker Pow And Bros Snowboard Realms Se 5 Ep 5

Shared By: Union | March 02, 2012

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Mt.Baker Pow And Bros Snowboard Realms Se 5 Ep 5
Baldface Nelson BC my best shred ever !
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Music : Hurricane II
check out Ume! These kids are amazing and they are on tour right now with Cursive.

Ashley called me up and we made a plan to go have a fun shred night at Mt Seymour. We both left work a little earlier. but the slippery roads and the 87 Toyota took a little longer than we expected to get up to the hill.
The sun went down, the lights came on and the gopro found its way into my pocket.
That night Jon called me up and said BAKER ? i said YES! a few feet of new snow in the last few days made for a wonderful Saturday.
I wanted to talk about a ton of thing in this episode but ... next time.
Hoe you all are enjoying the snow