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Matix Presents Holiday '14 At Orchid Ranch

Shared By: Matix | November 12, 2014

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Matix Presents Holiday '14 At Orchid Ranch
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Passing thru those old familiar towns along HWY 101 in California, it is easy to get anxious to arrive at your final destination. Sometimes forgetting the beautiful landscapes that have passed by you at 70mph, or those farms off in the distance that continue to leave you wondering "what is that place all about?"
This Holiday the Matix crew took a short detour off of HWY 101 just north of Santa Barbara and ended up at Orchid Ranch, what was once one of the worlds most prestigious Orchid ranches from the 1940's till the early 90's. Built by Samuel Mosher, a self made oil billionaire, who's passion was orchids.
The property was abandoned and in ruins for yearsâ?¦.decades, until recently. Now an effort to rebuild and restore the property is well underway. The vision is to lead with agriculture, and education while providing a space for music, arts, special needs, charities, surfing and of course skateboarding.
You never know what you may stubble upon once you leave that main path and head down the roads unknown.