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Matix Clothing Presents "Who Is Jon Contino"

Shared By: Matix | September 10, 2014

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New York native Jon Contino is widely known for his unique style which
combines old & new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style imitated all
over the world. His work reveals the influences of historical New York, contemporary
street art, and the lost art of hand lettering. Through these images, his story is told
as a designer and a consultant for brands ranging from the smallest boutique
start-ups to the largest international corporations.

When designing, Jon is proud to say that he got to "push the boundaries a
little bit and get rowdy". With the collection, Jon brings some new life to an old subject...America. He rediscovers the attitude of our forefathers without shame or regret. All said, we are proud to present you with the Matix X Contino collection.