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Kyle Mack Doubles Down

Shared By: Red | December 28, 2012

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Kyle Mack Doubles Down
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After watching Kyle Mack ride, it's easy to forget the kid's only 15 years old. With double backflips, double corks, and double tail grabs, Kyle seems to double his experience points by the minute. Look out for this guy in the next few years, because he ain't a kid no more.

Filmed by:
Tim Manning
Andro Kajzer
Corey Koniniec
Gabe L'Heureux
Chris Laske
Adam Pearce
Michael Gardzina
Alex Adrian
Mark Cernosia

Edited by:
Mark Cernosia

Music by:
"Gonna Make It (feat Swamburger)" by Beef Wellington
Courtesy of 8DSync Records