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Jackson Hole Wiggle

Shared By: Jackson Hole | April 01, 2015

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Jackson Hole Wiggle
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The first known wiggle at JHMR and the most prominently known wiggle was created in the mid- 90â??s when ski patroller â??Big Wallyâ? Mark Wolling would set up black marking disks, aka â??doingers,â? evenly spaced on a perfectly vertical line down the center of Rendezvous Bowl. Since then, the doingers have been set up the same way and during melt freeze cycles the â??worker wiggleâ? will be set in around these markers. The resulting path becomes a smooth surface to ski the bowl, especially for workers when it is re-frozen in the morning hours, hence the name â??worker wiggleâ?. Since approximately the early 2000â??s, the wiggle has become a more popular run among guests and workers alike. By the end of the ski season the banks can be up to 4-5 feet deep in places and can be seen from the valley floor. According to long time ski patroller, Tom Bartlett, this yearâ??s wiggle is comparable in size to years past.