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Jackson Hole 50th Born To Be Wild, Episode #2

Shared By: Jackson Hole | February 12, 2015

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Jackson Hole 50th   Born To Be Wild, Episode #2
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The evolution of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was kick-started in the early 1960â??s by the passionate dream of its founders, Paul McCollister and Alex Morley. From humble and rugged beginnings, this dream was fully realized decades later with the ingenuity of a family with historic ties to the Cowboy State. In their tenure of ownership since 1992, the Kemmerer family has invested greatly in the prosperity of Jackson Hole and the state of Wyoming. With vast improvements to operations, lifts and infrastructure, they have ushered Jackson Hole Mountain Resort into its present-day luster and world-wide iconic status as â??The Big One.â?

Join us in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the ski resort that was without a doubt Born to Be Wild!