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Shared By: Oakley | May 01, 2015

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For the first exhibition at the â??In Residenceâ?? space, Oakley has teamed up with the Girl Skateboardsâ?? Art Dump to show a collection of flags, limited skate decks and an oversized poster zine inspired by Los Angelesâ?? vibrant skate scene. With this exhibition, the Art Dump drew their inspiration from eight seminal Los Angeles skate spots.

From legendary tricks and video parts to the architectural nuances and the varied socio-economics of the surrounding neighborhoods, each iconic skate spotsâ?? details were deconstructed and reinterpreted through the Art Dumpâ??s diverse group of contributing artists and designers.

Participating Art Dumpers and their respective spots are:

Eric Anthony - Gardner
Jeremy Carnahan - LA High
Carlos Gutierrez - Lockwood
Nate Hooper - Santa Monica Courthouse
Andy Jenkins - Wilshire
Andy Mueller - Hollywood High
Chris Waycott - Santa Monica Triple Set
Nick Zegel - Pink Motel

The Art Dump is the name ascribed to a team of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California, as Girl Skateboardsâ?? art department. Led by skateboard industry veteran Andy Jenkins, the current team roster includes: Eric Anthony, Carlos Gutierrez, Nate Hooper, Andy Mueller, Chris Waycott, and Nick Zegel. As a group, and individually, they work in both commercial and non-commercial worlds. Sometimes these worlds collide and that is where the Art Dumpâ??s collaborative projects exist â?? amidst the rubble and question marks of a crash site of graphics and fine art.