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Gnu Girls: S3

Shared By: Gnu | January 05, 2013

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Gnu Girls: S3
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The Gnu Girls team tapped into some magic last March on the Olympic Peninsula. Barrett wanted to have the team come out, build some boards and try to enjoy all the area has to offer in a few days. Everyone knows planning a powder trip months in advance is risky, let alone planning on good waves, sunshine, and empty slopes in that same short window. Something amazing happened, something magical, and the Gnu girls had all the makings for an S3 trip, without even milking it. After helping to build their own split-boards, skateboards and surfboards the team had untracked Snow at Hurricane Ridge, top quality Surf, and a fun park to Skate in.. oh, and sunshine too. It didn't just all come together for one day, the conditions aligned for every day of the trip and all 3 activities were enjoyed each day. And since it was a girls trip, and it was a pretty exhausting schedule... a well deserved 4th S was added to the final eve... Spa. Gnu Girls made S3 Magic!