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Giro Snow Unplugged / Mt Baker WA LBS Banked Slalom

Shared By: Giro | October 16, 2014

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Giro Snow   Unplugged / Mt Baker WA   LBS Banked Slalom
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Giro Snow - Unplugged / Mt Baker WA - LBS Banked Slalom

Unplugged / Mt Baker & Retallack BC â?? Overall series :
Few things get you away from your daily grind. For pro snowboarders, the everyday is a vacation from the realities of the rest of the world. Filming and traveling can take its toll on a person though. So, to unplug from the normal routine and get on a trip with some close friends is the perfect way to break the cycle of repetition. In this episode of Unplugged, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Nils Mindnich and Seth Huot hit the road for some time away from the massive jumps and mega lines to reconnect with what inspires them to snowboard. Join the crew as they take in the 29th running of the Legendary Baker Banked slalom, drive the snow covered roads of the Powder Highway and get bottomless pow at Retallack lodge.

Giro Snow - Unplugged / Mt Baker WA â?? chapter / ep 1 :
The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom is one of the most prestigious events in snowboarding. Many of snowboardings elite have taken the illusive golden duck tape. This event is unlike others it brings together all walks of snowboarders. Contest guy, film guy, rail guy they are all there to see who can get through this Legendary course the fastest. Its this community that makes this event unique and special. Bryan Fox and Curtis Ciszek have been going to this event for 10 years. This year was nothing short of unpredictable, rock solid ice, low snow pack, flat light and a heavy snow system on finals day made the race more challenging than ever before. In this episode you get Curtis and Bryanâ??s take on the event and what make Mt. Baker such a special place for snowboarding.

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