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Fox Wake Presents | 2014 Toronto Boat Show

Shared By: Fox | January 08, 2015

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Fox Wake Presents | 2014 Toronto Boat Show
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2014 Toronto Boat Show, The cornucopia of indoor Wakeboarding / Wakeskating exhibitions.

Shaun Murray broke his foot just before the Toronto show last year and like the true legend he is, he still came and brought Aaron Perkins along with him to take his spot. Shaun came fully equipped with a plan to film a video of their experience and this is the final product.
The 2015 Toronto Boat show start this weekend at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. Tons of amazing Wakeboarding and wakeskateing athletes will be in attendance for this week long show. Fox' own Shaun Murray will be on site for the initial weekend of performances. Check this edit out from last year.