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Flashback Fridays #3 Ultimate Chinese Downhill

Shared By: Academy Snowboards | January 25, 2013

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Flashback Fridays #3 Ultimate Chinese Downhill
Mick Pre-Snapper Warm-Up
Taylor Knox Pre-Snapper Warm-Up
Parker Coffin & the Sea Captain CC
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FLASHBACK FRIDAYS Academy Snowboard Co. has been making some of the best snowboards for ten years now and over that time, we have had our fair share of awesome dudes and dudettes shred our boards. For many, we were their very first board sponsors and no matter where they are now, they are apart of our Academy family forever. Flashback Fridays will be a weekly homage to all those who have helped make Academy what it is today. Have fun and follow along on this history of snowboarding. Academy Shredboards: Good People, Great Snowboards