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Find Snowboarding: NORWAY The Boys Are Back In Town

Shared By: Rome | October 15, 2014

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Find Snowboarding: NORWAY  The Boys Are Back In Town
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For the third Find Snowboarding trip we set-out on a European road trip with a destination of Norway. Summer road trips are a time honored tradition so we knew we had to make this one for the ages. Starting with Thomas Delfino and Will Lavigne in Munich the boys hit the road headed north. River surfing, riding a snow dome in Bispingen, skating Hamburg, camping on the beaches in Sweden under the midnight sun and eventually making their way to Folgefonna to shred with Stale Sandbech, Toni Kerkela and Len Jorgensen. This is the tale of that road trip, the camaraderie, adventure, excitement and the unforgettable snowboarding that happens each summer at the Folgefonna glacier. FInd Snowboarding: NORWAY Full Film premiers 10.23.14 on Transworld Snowboarding's website.