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Find Snowboarding: NORWAY Adventure And Beyond

Shared By: Rome | October 17, 2014

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Find Snowboarding: NORWAY  Adventure And Beyond
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Generally speaking road trips have pretty clear objectives, get from point A to point B with minimum pitstops. This is not your typical road trip. Starting in Munich Will Lavigne and Thomas Delfino headed north with a final destination of Fogelfonna glacier in Norway. Cliff jumping, river surfing, skating every time the car stopped even a quick session at a snow dome along the way. Once they arrived at Fogelfonna it was on. Stale Sandbech, Len Jorgensen and Toni Kerkela were ready to show us what Fogelfonna had to offer. A road trip to meet up with your crew and shred an awesome summer set-up? That's what snowboarding is all about. Find Snowboarding: NORWAY Full Film premiers 10.23.14 on Transworld Snowboarding's website.