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The Burton Team Destroys Summer

Shared By: Burton | August 19, 2013

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The Burton Team Destroys Summer
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While you were busy boogie boarding and sweating on your hot leather sofa, the Burton Team was lapping jumps and jibs in both hemispheres. Here's a little edit of them ripping the parks of Hood's High Cascade and Snow Park, NZ (RIP) to get you primed for winter.

Jeremy Jones
Mikkel Bang
Mark McMorris
Peetu Piiroinen
Roope Tonteri
Enni Rukajärvi
Gabe Ferguson
Red Gerard
Zak Hale
Ethan Deiss
Jussi Oksanen
Kimmy Fasani
Mark Sollors
Mikey Rencz

Filmed By:
Corey Koniniec
Gabe L'Heureux
Hot Wing

Corey Koniniec