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Superpark 18 Days 2 And 3

Shared By: Snowboarder Mag | May 10, 2014

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Mother Nature threw us a curveball for Days 2 and 3 but we had Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace fight back in the form of a daytime show at Charlie's in Government Camp. The at times torrential rain and heavy snow couldn't stop the Ride team from having some fun with a small down rail in town with Derek Lever, Spencer Schubert, and Todd Kirby sessioning for the town's enjoyment. In between wet pow laps up on the Mt Hood the riders tested out the Woodward Jib zone and wasted no time in setting down some crazy tricks. Check out all the action here and get ready because the sun is shining on Mt. Hood again and the next few days are going to go off!