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Session 2 Snowboarding, 2014

Shared By: | June 28, 2014

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Session 2 Snowboarding, 2014
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Summer on the glacier is in full swing and Mt. Hood is still getting snow. Keep the Change rolled into camp and shook things up with a push-up skateboard race where product wasn't the only thing that got tossed. Campers, counselors and coaches alike handled everything from the big jump to the new rail plaza and the Concrete Jungle. Spots are filling up quickly so don't miss your chance to get down at the "funnest" place on earth! Featured Riders: Matt Chase, Chris Frost, Cody Lee, Derrek Lever, Max Tokunaga, Jesse Paul, Jeff Hopkins, Ryan Lanham, Jon Overson, Evan Sheridan, Max Lyons, Nick Visconti, Jeff Deforge, Kirk Teare, Riley Nickerson, Kelsey Boyer, Steph Sue Feld, Mariah Dugan and Will Smith @windellscamp #windells2014 Edited by Ian Macy Filmed by Ian Macy, Brian Nero, Sam Trefaller, Nate Blomquist, Ashley Dawn Byrd and Greg Weaver Photo by Gillian Montgomery Music "Roky Said" Dead Ghosts