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Part 2: The Summer Snowboard Movie

Shared By: | April 25, 2015

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Part 2: The Summer Snowboard Movie
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Watching all of the slashing, air-catching, and style-oozing snowboarding in this section has been known to increase your appetite, and we know just the reason why. When you take the HCSC Staff, our amazing campers, some Signature Session? Pros and put 'em all together in the HCSC pot, you're eating good. Add the Lick The Cat crew, and you could be dealing with the spoiciest four minute soup ever created! One more thing, do you think Green Bean's neck is hurting because of the weight of Sage Kotsenburg's Olympic Gold Medal, or do you think it's because all of the tricks in the second section of "The Summer Snowboard Movie," are so heavy?

Featuring: Sage Kotsenburg, Camper Green Bean, Big Jerm, Blake Paul, Max Warbington, Camper Aidan Jelveh, Scott Blum, Alex Lopez, Jesse Gouveia, Johnny O'Connor, Johnny Brady, Mike Ravelson, and Jaeger Bailey

Song: Gin Blossoms - "Found Out About You"