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Our Best Rider Is A Girl: 20 Years Of Barrett Christy

Shared By: Gnu | November 28, 2016

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Our Best Rider Is A Girl: 20 Years Of Barrett Christy
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Our best rider is a girl. Gnu Co-Founders Pete Saari and Mike Olson knew what the industry needed when they gave Barrett Christy a pro model. A 20+ year career characterized by contest success, free ride prowess, and unparalleled snowboard progression; Barrett is unreal. An Apple Jacks Box, an Olympic ring, video game appearances, her weight in Winter X Games medals, and 20 years of pro models are just a few of the accolades that make Barrett's impression on snowboarding everlasting. Barrett put the cherry on top in January receiving Transworld Snowboarding's Legend Award. "She elevated the entire brand... She set the tone for progressive women's snowboarding, showed woman that there were no barriers. She won everything." - Gnu Co-Founder Pete Saari Her influence is infectious, and in the process of achieving in her own career she continues to inspire the future of snowboarding. This year we celebrate Barrett and her 20 year pro model, the B PRO, built with progression in mind and guaranteed good times on all terrain! The C3 B-PRO has been refined to perfection over the last 20 years, even down to its core, giving a portion of its proceeds to Breast Cancer awareness through B4BC .