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Mediocre Madness

Shared By: | December 15, 2015

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Mediocre Madness
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A 20-man-strong springtime snowboard road trip through the great state of Oregon with the goal of getting after any and all activities along the way. From Portland, OR, to the Cinder Cone, to Mt. Hood, to Bend, to Mt Bachelor and eventually the Oregon Coast. The assembled crew includes: Sam Taxwood; Blake Paul Griffin Seibert; Gus and Max Warbington; Tim Eddy; Iikka Backstrom;Curtis Ciszek; Spencer Shubert; Louif Paradis; Bryan Fox; Aidan Payson; Stephen Fox; Austin Smith; Jake Price; Jess Gibson; Foster Huntington; Mark Welsh; Bob Plumb; Java Fernandez; Ripzinger; Pete Alport; and Cale Meyer. Brought to you by Drink Water with support from: Smartwool, Adidas, Quiksilver, Smith and DC Video by Tanner Pendelton