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Hana Beaman And Leanne Pelosi Get Ready For The 11th Red Bull Nanshan Open

Shared By: | January 15, 2013

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Hana Beaman And Leanne Pelosi Get Ready For The 11th Red Bull Nanshan Open
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Leanne Pelosi and Hana Beaman are among the first women to ever compete at the upcoming Red Bull Nanshan Open! The two competed at the 5Star Sprint Grand Prix at Copper, but we're already stoked for their trip to China.

The Red Bull Nanshan Open should need no introduction by now -- famous amongst riders as one of the most enjoyable contest trips on the World Snowboarding Tour, the Open provides a perfect blend of contest riding, cultural immersion and local hospitality. The local park and event crew step it up each year to build one of Asia's top slopestyle terrain parks -- combining perfectly shaped jumps with creative jib features in the Nanshan Mellow Park just outside of Beijing. As a true 'by-riders-for-riders' event, the organizers are no desk-jockeys, often seen testing the kickers themselves on training day! The rest of their crew ensures the visiting pros feel welcome with big family-style dinners and local hospitality. It's clear this team shares a strong passion towards the snowboarding sport and culture, surrounding the event with a truly friendly and laid-back atmosphere!
Having always been a bit of a 'boys trip', the addition of a women's division to the Open promises to mix things up for 2013. Given the huge female fanbase snowboarding enjoys in China, spectators are sure to be treated as they watch the world's top women compete for US$15,000 and valuable World Snowboarding Tour points.