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Find Snowboarding Teaser

Shared By: Rome | August 07, 2014

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Find Snowboarding Teaser
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The reason was simple. We wanted to find snowboarding where you would least expect it. Following a year in search of shred, the Rome SDS set out this past season to look even deeper into the possibilities of snowboarding. We chased snow to the streets of Kazakhstan where snowboarding is young and on the verge of booming; we sent it to the frontier of North America and the summits of active volcanoes on Alaska's wild Aleutian Islands; and we hit the road for a month-long road trip to experience Norway's endless winters. As one trip would end, the next would begin. New crews would get together to continue the shared passion of pushing into the unknown of snowboarding. Without guides or clear plans, it was a push fueled by the excitement of discovering new places to shred, new terrain to explore, and new people to ride with. In three films documenting different adventures, watch as LNP, Will Lavigne, Stale Sandbech, Ozzy Henning and more travel the globe for one Find Snowboarding. Release Dates: * 08/23/14 - Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN * 09/25/14 - Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS * 10/23/14 - Find Snowboarding: NORWAY